Introducing Private Equity & LLC Waterfalls

March 22, 2023

We’re excited to announce Waterfall Modeling - Pulley’s newest product for private equity firms!

Pulley now offers an all-in-one cap table and waterfall platform. Firms can automate waterfall modeling with a single click, eliminating the need for manual calculations and associated spreadsheet errors.

We are testing this with a number of leading PE firms already. Schedule a demo to get access.

Spreadsheet errors add up 

Managing waterfalls in excel exposes private equity firms to compliance risks. Formula errors can produce payout mistakes that hurt a firm's credibility and strain relationships with investors and employees.

Complex deal structures, individual participation thresholds, and capital changes over time make it difficult to maintain waterfall accuracy over the investment holding cycle. 

An integrated cap table and waterfall solution

Illustration of Pulley's cap table and exit waterfall automation

With Pulley, portfolio companies and deal teams can streamline cap table administration from equity grants through quarterly waterfall reporting.

  • Cap table management: Issue, sign, and record all forms of equity agreements through Pulley. The cap table updates automatically. 
  • Automated waterfall modeling: Easily set distribution rights and preferences and export the waterfall with a single click. Formulas are fully dynamic and auditable. 
  • Employee engagement platform: Give employees their personal equity portal to manage documents and visualize scenario outcomes. 
  • Support for broad-based ownership: Whether equity or phantom, issue individualized awards in a single workflow with our custom legal template functionality. 
  • Concierge onboarding: Send us your documents and our team will handle the rest.

Learn more about how Pulley supports private equity here and schedule a demo.

Illustration of Pulley's waterfall tool

Not sure what you need for your cap table?

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