Our Pricing

For budget-conscious and scrappy startups, you can start with our Startup plan. Scale up to our Growth plan when you raise and hire with 409A valuations included.




25 stakeholders
+ $4 / additional stakeholder

Cap table management

Share Certificate

Electronically send & sign option grants, SAFEs, etc.

Cap table modeling

Concierge onboarding

Option and equity templates

Offer letters

Monthly payment. Annual contract.




40 stakeholders
+ $7 / additional stakeholder

Startup plan, plus:

409A valuations (learn more)

Onboarding due diligence

Electronic option exercises

Rule 701

Form 3921

Board approvals

HRIS integration

Monthly payment. Annual contract.

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Tailored solutions to fit your company's equity needs

Growth plan, plus:

ASCĀ 718

Priority onboarding

Phone support

Waterfall modeling (coming soon)

Custom reports

Monthly payment. Annual contract.

Crowdfunding deal šŸ’µ

Early-stage with a ton of angel investors? Investors who each invested 50k or less will be grouped together in 50k entities. One entity = 1 stakeholder.

Example: You have 100 stakeholders total, including 50 investors who each invested at 50k or less.
They invested a total of $1MM. $1MM/$50k = 20 entities. 100 - 50 + 20 = 70. Pulley will only charge you for 70 stakeholders!


Why Pulley offers more value for the price

Our plans are clear and easy to understand, while costs are transparent and predictable.
And whatever plan you choose, we will onboard you for free.

Pricing that scales with
your team

Invite as many admins are you need to manage your cap table. We charge only a fixed price per stakeholder.

Integrate with your payroll platform

Equity is an important part of compensation. Pulley integrates with Gusto, Rippling, ADP, and many of the leading HRIS platforms to make it easier for you to track and manage an employee's total compensation.

Advanced features

We don't want to nickle and dime you for cap table management. Scenario modeling, form 3921, and many advanced equity features are included. Ask other cap table providers if they include the same.

Onboard to Pulley in 1 day.

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