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Pulley Scales with Startups from Idea -> IPO

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"We understand cap tables because we’ve worked with hundreds of founders. I'm a former lawyer and the head of support at Pulley. You'll pair with me and our support team to build your cap table correctly."

Neil Tiwari

Head of Support @ Pulley, Former Associate @ Kirkland

We make complex cap tables easy to manage

World-class onboarding & support

We’re founders ourselves and know that equity matters. We took our frustrations with other tools - long onboarding, delayed 409A valuations, spammy investor emails - and built the product we wanted to use.

We reduce onboarding mistakes with tools that automatically scans and reads your documents.

You’re getting an experienced lawyer in your back pocket with Pulley. We can answer basic questions and tell you what’s standard based on the hundreds of deals we've seen. You will spend less time and money managing your cap table - with our help along the way.

Fully executed legal documents

Pulley is the only platform that generates fully executed and signed legal documents. Legal documents matter in disputes - talk to your lawyer about why this feature matters.

You won’t need to use Docusign to issue grants. Upload your templates, and we’ll automatically generate and send documents for signing.

We can handle the entire process for issuing equity from offer letters to signed legal agreements to board approvals, all on the one tool.

Trusted and fast 409A valuations

409A valuations determine the strike price of your options. You will need a valuation at least once a year or at a material event - such as a fundraising round.

Pulley partners with trusted, independent appraisers to give you an audit-ready 409A valuation in just one week. The same partners stay with you as your company grows to perform reports that understand your business.

We perform 409A valuations for all businesses including international and cryptocurrency firms.

Complex Fundraising Modeling

Avoid costly cap table mistakes. Many founders we talk to give investors the wrong number of shares at a fundraising. This leads to more dilution and is expensive to correct.

Mistakes are easy to make because funding rounds are complicated. Pre-money SAFEs convert differently than post-money SAFEs. Pro-ratas give investors the option to invest in future rounds.

Pulley give founders access to the most advanced fundraising modeling tool so you can validate the math for your next round.

Platform features

Pulley is the easiest cap table platform for onboarding - send us your documents and we’ll take care of the rest with our expert legal team. Most companies onboard same day.
Get support from our team of experts to all of your questions. Our average response time is less than five minutes.

Rule 701 & Form 3921

There are many regulations that apply to issuing options. We automate compliance so you can focus on growth.

  • Rule 701 allows private companies to give options to without registering with the SEC. We continuously monitor your equity policy for compliance.
  • IRS Form 3921 is a tax form for employees who exercise options. Prevent errors with automated electronic fillings.

You’ll save thousands in accounting & legal fees and prevent costly errors on our platform.

83(b) Filing and Tracking

A missed 83(b) election can lead to millions in back taxes. It must be completed within 30 days of receiving equity.

Pulley helps employees file their 83(b) automatically when they early exercise options or receive stock grants.

We'll help admins track 83(b) submissions to prevent tax liabilities.

Digital Stock Certificates

Skip the paper certificate, and electronically issue stock certificates to shareholders.

Investors and employees can easily download their certificates for accurate record keeping.

Board Approvals

Option grants require a board approval to become legally binding. Yet, they are often missing and can delay fundraising.

Pulley helps you finalize your grants by handling the process of signing and storing your board approvals.

Investor and Employee Experience

We’ll help you communicate the value of your equity to all stakeholders with full information controls.

Equity is a powerful retention tool. We allow employees to track their options and vesting over time. We’ll even help you close more hires with a delightful offer letter (see a sample).

We’ll help your investors see the growth in their investment with detailed reports.

Company Training

Pulley will provide free training to help your team get the most out of our cap table features.

We worked with lawyers and accountants at the best firms to build Pulley.

We have the features you will need when your cap table scales - stock splits, milestone vesting, RSU accounting.

Preview our interactive course: "Reading Cap Tables"

Our Pricing

For budget-conscious and scrappy startups, you can start with our Startup plan. Scale up to our Growth plan when you raise and hire with 409A valuations included.




25 stakeholders
+ $4 / additional stakeholder

Cap table management

Share Certificate

Electronically send & sign option grants, SAFEs, etc.

Cap table modeling

Concierge onboarding

Option and equity templates

Offer letters

Monthly payment. Annual contract.




40 stakeholders
+ $7 / additional stakeholder

Startup plan, plus:

409A valuations (learn more)

Onboarding due diligence

Electronic option exercises

Rule 701

Form 3921

Board approvals

HRIS integration

Monthly payment. Annual contract.

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Tailored solutions to fit your company's equity needs

Growth plan, plus:

ASC 718

Priority onboarding

Phone support

Waterfall modeling (coming soon)

Custom reports

Monthly payment. Annual contract.

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