Make smarter equity decisions

Pulley helps you navigate early equity decisions and grows with you as you scale. YC companies get their first year FREE. Sign up by Demo Day to:

  • Model out dilution using our fundraise modeler
  • Issue SAFEs to your investors
  • Get a free 409A valuation when you're ready to hire (W23)
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Pulley scales with startups from early stage -> IPO

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Tiffany Wong Co-founder at Pry Financials talking about Pulley
"I've had a great experience with Pulley so far, and the support team has been a huge part of that!

They have been really great answering our questions and being a great customer advocate. They have truly embodied the cap table whisperer role!"

Anika Zaman

Founder at Brevy (W21)

Built for founders, by founders

We've been there before. Pulley helps you navigate early equity decisions,
so you can get back to what matters most: building your company.

Fundraise smarter

Model the impact of different fundraising scenarios. Understand how much you actually need to raise and what dilution looks like after the next round.

Be a fundraising ninja. Get the info you need at your fingertips.


Educate your teams

Want to give your early teams the best tools? Pulley helps your employees:

  • Model and understand the value of their equity
  • Track their vesting progress and schedule
  • Exercise options electronically

Stay compliant with 409As

Getting ready to hire? You'll need a 409A to determine a strike price and issue equity to employees.

Pulley partners with trusted independent appraisers to get your 409A done in just one week.

Need it done sooner? Just let us know. We'll make it happen.


Let us do the heavy lifting

Issuing SAFEs to investors? Getting ready to bring on your first employee? Pulley helps you do this all in one place.

Our integrated platform manages these processes end-to-end, so your cap table updates automatically.

No more error-prone updates or toggling back and forth between different tools.

Ready, Set, Go

Get up and running faster than it takes to run a standup.

Demystify equity 🔮

We get it, equity is confusing. Our team of experts is only a chat away. We'll help you wade through the nitty gritty.

Work with equity experts 💡

Our support team is led by a former attorney. Just send us your docs, and we'll set up your cap table for you.

Save time and money 💸

Spinning your wheels or spending too much on legal fees? We onboard you in 5-7 days and respond to questions within minutes.