The New Cap Table: Token + Equity

The fundraising ecosystem is changing. That’s why Pulley supports tracking of both traditional equity (RSAs, Options, etc.) and Tokens (SAFTs, Token Warrants), now and in the future.

Full Cap Table

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Token valuations

Pulley is the only cap table management platform with a full product set dedicated to helping crypto companies and supporting all of your digital assets.

    With our token valuation, your company and employees can stay compliant as you issue token based deferred compensation (including equity tokens and security tokens). All with a 5-day turnaround.

    Token Warrants & Vesting Tracking

    Cap tables are stuck in the dark ages. With Pulley, you can manage and track your SAFTs, Token Warrants, and other Token Options, in addition to your traditional equity.

    We make sure to keep your tokens and equity separate so that you get an accurate view of the entire cap table.

    Total Equity

    We’re fascinated by a Web3 future (beyond just bitcoin). That’s why we’re focusing on building the next generation cap table to support token functionality. Developing now:

    Custodian Integrations

    Connect to third-party token custodians (E.g. Coinbase) to issue and track token liquidity, all from the same place.

    Lock Up Tracking

    Easily see when your tokens unlock. If you have instances of self-custody, Pulley can automatically verify compliance to connected wallets.

    Employee Views

    Let your employees and other token holders easily view their token options/agreements, vesting schedules and unlock schedules.

    Generate Documents

    Create, issue and sign token agreements on-platform, automatically notifying stakeholders and board members.

    Token Plans

    Track complicated token plans for your employees, including SAFTS, RTAs, RTUs and other token issuances.

    Purchase Support

    Let your employees and investors purchase tokens through the Pulley Platform, supporting all USDC purchases across multiple blockchains.