Communications Hub

Pulley lets you create and send professional communications and updates that can be tailored to various company stakeholders such as investors, employees or advisors.

Pulley scales with Startups from Early-Stage -> IPO


Communications Hub In Action

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Create Beautiful & Professional Updates

Get started right away with our custom template that helps you share what’s most important with investors. Easily edit your update to include images, videos or attachments for a more professional look and feel.

Advanced Access Controls & Analytics

Control recipient access to keep company information secure and out of the wrong hands. Quickly select groups of recipients using built in tags and add external recipients like prospective investors. Provide or revoke access post-publishing of your update. Track who has viewed updates & the open rate (%).

Even create a shareable public viewing link to send to anyone.

Utilize Your Investors Skills & Network

Help your investors help you. Investors are experts at building and maintaining their networks and can be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping with sourcing candidates, connecting you to press, and introducing hard-to-find domain experts.

Make the most of your investor-founder relationships.