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Max Kolysh

Max Kolysh

CEO, Dover

"I love that the team is super responsive to any questions I have, and they even shipped a feature I suggested in less than a week!"

Sean Scanlon

Sean Scanlon

Controller, Birdies

"Quick but thorough onboarding and they've made ongoing administration easy."

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell

CEO, Team Tito

"This is really great. Thank you so much! There's a certain zen-like calm to how this is presented…"

Paralegal at a VC fund

"I also love how fast I can download cap tables. It usually takes several minutes on Carta."

Kenneth Ng

COO, Slingshot Finance

“You all have been so amazing and helpful throughout this whole process!”

Nick Foreste

Partner, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

“We love the agility and responsiveness from the Pulley team + the smooth onboarding!”

Tiffany Wong

Co-Founder, Pry Financials (YC W21)

“The Pulley team is super responsive and made the onboarding transition seamless. Thanks for taking are of our cap table and 409A valuations!"

Eric Litman

Eric Litman

CEO, aescape

"The Pulley team set us up within a matter of hours  (on a weekend!) and has responded within minutes to all of my questions. They have a great product backed by an even better group of people."

CFO at a private equity firm

“You've made more progress in 1 year than Carta has in 7.”

Kaitlin Christine

Kaitlin Christine

CEO, Gabbi

"Wow, I have been looking for a better solution than Carta and this experience (UXUI) is already FAR superior! Way to go!"

Brittani Dunlap

Co-Founder, BrightReps (YC W21)

“You have been insanely helpful....huge difference in onboarding experiences [between Pulley and Carta]”

Fawzy Abu Seif

Co-Founder, Spokn

“Just wanted to let you know that I was blown away by the speed of response, knowledge and overall level of support, super helpful, I don't remember seeing something that good.”

Pawan Gupta


“We are quite impressed by Pulley's team on offering the fastest experience founders can get to set up a cap table, ESOP implementation and nuances that comes with it. Their product backed by the founder's friendly team makes them a good choice over hugely priced competing products."

Lenny Bogdonoff

Lenny Bogdonoff

Milk Video

"Loving the tool. Huge value add. Thank you for setting it up."

Nicolas Hourcard

Nicolas Hourcard

CEO, QuestDB

"This onboarding experience was honestly incredible, well done."

Roger Cawdette

Co-Founder, Finary (YC W21)

“Love using Pulley so far...I’m particularly a fan of the Equity Calculator tool and use it quite often. ”

Anika Zaman

Founder, Brevy
(YC W21)

"I've had a pretty great experience with Pulley so far, and the support team has been a huge part of that! They been really great at answering any and all questions we have and has been a great customer advocate. They have truly embodied the "cap table whisperer" role!"

Kelly Boyd

Attorney, Montgomery Pacific LLP

"I absolutely love Pulley and recommend it to every client! The pro forma modeling tool can save a startup thousands by making it easy to quickly and effectively model how each SAFE or convertible note impacts the cap table. Pulley has become an essential part of any pre-Series A financing."

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25 stakeholders
+ $48 / additional stakeholder

Cap table management

Share Certificate

Electronically send & sign option grants, SAFEs, etc.

Cap table modeling

Concierge onboarding

Option and equity templates

Offer letters




40 stakeholders
+ $84 / additional stakeholder

Startup plan, plus:

409A valuations (learn more)

Replacement for Docusign to issue equity grants

Electronic option exercises

Rule 701

Form 3921

Board approvals

HRIS integration

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