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Get More Out Of Your Equity

Pulley's equity management platform provides the tools and insights to help you fundraise smarter, attract better talent, and stay compliant.

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Pulley scales with Startups from Early-Stage -> IPO

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Smarter equity management

Equity is your company's most important asset.
Get the tools and insights to make smarter decisions about
your ownership — before they get recorded on the cap table.

Fundraise smarter

Ready to fundraise? Model the impact of different fundraising scenarios on your ownership. Understand how much you actually need to raise and how much you’ll be diluted after the round closes.

Let our modeler run the numbers, so you can avoid expensive mistakes down the line.


Keep your team informed and motivated

Looking for a transparent employee experience? Pulley helps team members understand the value of their equity from the moment they receive an offer letter. They can also track their vesting schedule over time.

Then, when the time comes, your team can exercise options electronically. Pulley even sends a completed 83(b) election for early exercises.

Get audit-ready sooner

Ready for a 409A? Pulley partners with trusted independent appraisers to give you an audit-ready valuation in just one week. The same partners stay with you as your company grows to perform reports that understand your business.

We perform 409A valuations for all businesses, including international and crypto firms.


Reconcile transactions automatically

It’s time to put your cap table to work. Pulley's platform manages every transaction end-to-end, then automatically updates your cap table. This allows for error-free processing and eases the burden of coordinating across multiple stakeholders.

No more missing inputs or manual updates.

What's next?

Get set up on Pulley in a week. Here's what you can expect.

Easy onboarding  🙌

Send us your documents, and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t worry, our team of experts will double check for errors.

Fast response rates  🚀

Receive support from our team of experts to answer all of your questions. We get it, equity is confusing.

World-class support  🤝

Get help from Pulley's team of experienced cap table experts. Spend less time and money on legal fees you don’t actually need.